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Pigment vs. Dye Inks

Dec. 09, 2021

Today, we'll help you understand all the significant differences between pigment inks and dye inks, so read on!


What is dye ink?

In the case of dye ink, it has unique qualities and advantages. 

A dye is a colorant that is usually absorbed by a liquid of some kind. This chemical complexity ensures that dye inks have a wide range of colors and color palettes. Dye based particles also display brighter colors and they are significantly more vibrant compared to pigment inks.

If you are working with text only, dye inks are almost perfect. In addition, black dye inks have a higher color intensity, ensuring generally higher print quality.

As for some other features, don't forget that dye inks.

▲ More resistant to water and liquids when using glossy paper.

▲ much faster drying than pigment-based ones.

▲ significantly more susceptible to external factors and damage.

If you want more colorful images and are less concerned about their durability, dye inks are the way to go.


pigment for ink

What are pigment inks?

In short, pigment inks work around microscopic colorant particles. They remain further on the paper and adhere to the fibers, making pigment inks more resistant to external damage.

This technology makes pigment inks a durable option for first-class photo printing. 

Among other noteworthy pigment ink features, you may benefit from.

▲ UV resistance.

▲ more resilient printing.

▲ Extended durability and good water resistance.


In addition, pigment inks can deliver better print quality, especially in photos and images. It maintains the color, quality and vibrancy of prints for longer periods of time than dyes. 

It is also important to understand that pigment inks have less impact on the print head of the device. In other words, using pigment inks will ensure that the printer lasts longer.


Differences between pigment and dye inks.

What should I do?

You may be wondering if the differences we mentioned earlier are critical when choosing the right ink. Not really. For the average user, the key differences are functionality and color intensity. 

The choice is always yours, but we'll make it a little easier.

These two questions will make everything crystal clear.

1. Want to make your photos more colorful and vibrant? Dye ink is your choice!

2. Need a more durable print? Then try pigment inks.

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